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Online Shopping – Hassle Free launched in the Philippines

Many Filipinos nowadays prefer to go online shopping rather than walk and prowl inside the mall and look for the best item to purchase. They find it hassle-free and less time consuming. Available items are shown over the internet so shoppers can see and scrutinize what styles or items best suit their taste. It is very convenient to shop online, and pay at the same time. Items will be delivered directly door to door, vex free!


Most of the shopping online are located abroad yet some of them do not deliver overseas, that’s one of the problems many Filipinos encounter. It is a good idea that some of those located abroad invades our country and decided to business directly in the Philippines. One of these is the, it was launched last July 2009 and they currently inviting reseller agents to promote its platform because aspires and targets to become our country’s premiere social shopping platform. One of the functions of the agents will in turn sell the service subscription to the merchants. This online shopping portal has many varieties of items to choose from, clothing shoes and accessories, mobile phones and communications, books and comic, electronics and appliances, toys hobbies and games, computers and networking, gifts and premiums, beauty and personal cares are the categories Filipinos can choose from.


During the recently concluded and prestigious event of the Digital Filipino E-Commerce Summit and Web Awards 2009, was one of the major sponsors. A Malaysian MSC Status company behind is the, joined the list of distinguished speakers of the event, he is no other than the Platform2u.coms Chief Information Officer Mr. Eddie Lee. He shared his insights on the “Future of Commerce” and his vision for and Mr. Edward Ling, the’s Chief Executive Officer on the other hand, gave a noteworthy talk on “Why growing Wheatgrass is similar to running an e-commerce business”. launched in the Philippines

The event also gave praise to the growing and best practices in the Philippine’s internet industry, and showcased the country’s best websites for in the DigitalFilipino Web Awards 2009 winners.

Online shopping in the Philippines is now highly recognized, adding to the fact that numerous foreign online portal has come to make business directly with us. So with this will surely and definitely will be a great online shop to visit on. It’s a good idea that we can also see Smilds Philippines Facebook fan page so we know how known it is here.