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ACS Christmas Party – Success!!

100% I enjoyed the party!

It was my first christmas party at ACS – Affiliated Computer Services Inc. This was a huge gathering of all ACS employees from all accounts – ITO, BPO and agents, from MOA Complex Pasay City and Electra House Makati Branch, I wonder why Cebu branch was not there 🙂 . Enumerable people were there in PICC to celebrate and to join in this once a year event, and I belonged!

I went to the tryst together with my former Advantek officemates – yes, I still have my officemates from Advantek who also are working in ACS – four of them, three in MIS and one in PACE where I also belong. To name them Bheng Nayle, Josephine Murao, Bing Sibayan and Eenah Tolentino. Unfortunately, Eenah was not there in that event as she is in Atlanta having her training and will be here on the 18th of December. Okay…to continue, we arrived in PICC before 7pm, had to follow the queue and registered, next stub (not stuff jejeje) souvenir area, and I got a tumbler with a ballpen in it, it means ballpen should be there when you are to use the tumbler, it must be there always, that made it very unique, jejejeje. Third stop, photo booth, I did not know that it was a four shot photo, so I had mine all solo, if only I knew at first, I should have called my officemates early so that they can join me in… Sad, 🙁 I was alone.. And since I am not an MIS person, I went out of ways from Bheng and Jo, I stepped up to the second floor where PACE’s tables were, and omg our table – #187 was at the very nook, unable to see clearly the performers on the stage, you can see the backstage actually! Sad huh! Then, as I was observing I told my teammates that those seating in front of the stage were very lucky, how I wish I was there too! And how fortunate of me, I saw my officemates, they were seating just in front of the stage, I waved so they can see me, trying to call their attention, and I noticed that there were lots of vacant seats! And i did not have to think twice, i went down there and joined in MIS, table#78. Happiness! 😛

This picture at the right side, this was the nice seats that I was wishing, and lucky that I was able to seat in there. Why I wanted to be there was because of Parokya Ni Edgar, I really wanted to see them perform on stage personally, nearly so I can yell loudly!!!

Dinner first, as we were having that dinner, we were regaled by a choir (huh and forgot the name), singing christmas songs. I was not able to eat my food all, my plate remained messy, leftovers were cluttering, sorry, i was surfeit enough though! Then afterwhich, the program had started, hosted by, waaaaa…. and I do not know his name too 🙁 The program was started by a dance presentation from a –waaaaa, don’t know who they were! (what a shame of me right) remix of Michael Jackson songs was their beat. Next was the announcement of minor prizes winners. (And i was wishing my name will be called – but not) And then came one of the highlights of the event, the Black & White Costume competition, the participants went before the audience as introduced by the host of the event, there were I think, more than ten participants – zebra, black darna, an LA can can girl, housemaid, black angel, lady gaga, peacock, and many more. The winners were not annouced yet, judging time first. As we were waiting for the winners, we were regaled by the band, and party time! We went in the dance floor area and had our steps. Missed this trulalo!

And after an hour or so, the host declared and told us to gather in front of the stage–the long wait was over, Parokya Ni Edgar was there! I was just an extend of the hand in front of them! Chito!, chito!, chito!, was the only name you can hear when he was not there yet, when only you can hear were the strum of the guitars, the beat of the drums and the press of the keyboards, ah ah, so where was he? Then he came in, in a white jacket, the crowd cannot prevent from yelling, shouting and YO HOO!! It was that hard to be in front, in that huge crowd where everyone was so fanatic that you can’t even move freely, I felt like there will be a stampede as those makukulit guys were nudging the people behind them, arrrrrrr.. why not watch na lang and wag nang malikot huh! Vince was also there, the second voice of Chito. They sang ten songs perhaps. As I cannot withstand the crowd anymore, I decided to sit when they were singing Mr. Swabe, but still, I was able to see them afar, but not that far. Their last song was Yes Yes Show!


Yeah Chito!! Go go go… Go regale us..


After an hour of performance, Parokya was gone, wish they could have more time to perform before us! Next time jejejeje.

Awarding of the best black and white costume winners followed, the top three were, Lady Gaga (third Place) Peacock (second place) and the Zebra (first place) who will receive P3k, P5k and P7k respectively. Then the major prizes- and unfortunately, my name wasn’t called too. Among the minors nga pala were P500, P1k Samsung touch phones, a laptop, a 320 GB hard drive, and majors were the P5k, refrigerator, an LCD and the very major – a trip for two to Hongkong and Macau for four days! (Kaya siguro I did not win was because I have no “one” – special, to be with in this trip jejejeje).

After the announcement of winners, party resumed…. And since I miss and love this, I partied to the max… I lose some pounds as sweat kept on shedding. I partied together with many PACE people.

I really enjoyed that night, that event, that very first christmas party in ACS, and hope to enjoy the next year and next next years celebration. Over kaaga matapos ng parrty, it was 1am when people started to leave, and we left at 1:15. Need to report to office pa the next day, Monday.

I commend the committee of this very organized and successful party, it was a big lost too of those who did not attend the said event.

The party isn’t over yet, there is yet to come and wait, PACE party on December 20, with Adopt a Movie theme. I never let this fun things just pass by me, i grab them and make it possible that I always am there 🙂 Not a party-lover right?

 till then,