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A Night of Smiles and Fun at Blog4Reviews 09 Christmas Party

It was during the first week of December when Ms. Janette Toral posted a shoutout in FB about the DigitalFilipinoClub.com’s upcoming Christmas Party, I commented if I can attend, she told me that the event is only for the members of the said site. She abruptly commented back and told me that Blog4Reviews will be having a christmas party too and invited me. That made me feel very happy, it will be my very first time to mingle with other bloggers and advertisers. The schedule was first set on the 12th of December, I had to think twice and answered “maybe attending” from the FB invite. Saturday was the first sched, and it is during this day that I am home in Quezon, spending time with my family. Then afterwards, after three days or so, she sent a re-scheduled invite and set the date on the 17th. I hastily tagged “attending”!

The venue was in Le Bistro Fraser Place, whoa and I did not know the place really! So i had to text my friends to ask where this place is. Tiny told me that it is just at the back of Citibank Tower. Imagining I wore a three inches high heeled gladiator sandals (kinda) and was walking from Standard Chartered Bank, passed through the underpass twice, walked, walked, walked, walked, huh, no sweat coming out yet (that’s what I love about me, I don’t really get sweat, it must require me a very stressfull activity like badminton, super dancing, running fast to get perspire), by just walking, hmmm, no avail, swear, no sweat! I am yet unfamiliar with the place so I asked several security guards, I think five of them, and arrrrrrr, the second to the last, I asked him “Sir, san po dito yung Le Bistro (it was when I was at the Greenwhich resto)”, he replied “Dun yun, pangalawang kanto” So i walked again, and reached the place he told me, yay! and I read LEVISTE, waaaaa, bingi? 🙂 I reaced the wrong place! And I asked another guard again, this time, he answered correctly and I never wandered anymore. He knew the Le Bistro and gave me the correct direction, whoa! I need to go back to where i came…. Two streets then turn left, wow, and I found it.

At 7:30, I was there, I reached the place, saw more than twenty people, bloggers and advertisers having their dinner. Ms. Janette assisted me, gave me my name tag DHINA. I got a plate for my food, and joined Jonel and Fjords in the table. Chatted about blogging, this really was my first time to attend and mingle with some of the country’s bloggers, thanks Blog4Reviews.com

 In here, Fjords, Jonel and dhynnes 🙂

Thanks Iris Acosta for this photo. 

After few hours of networking about anything, one of the sponsors of the event spoke, Mr. June Delos Reyes (am I right) of Yahoo Meme. Spoke about the importance, benefits and advantage of the yahoo meme. Among these are allowing you to create stories and share it with everyone, upload your memorable photos, important videos, uploading also your favorite music and allow others to re-post it. I am starting my yahoo meme account, and by the way, as the speaker spoken to us, he told us that “meme” is pronounced as “mim” sounds like cream. And by the way I believe yahoo gave a lechon for our party. 



Each of us spoke before the bloggers and introduced ourselves and blogsites as well, and yey, I felt very welcomed as it was really my first time to attend a blogger’s event like this.


Then Body Flavors one of the sponsors also, introduced their products, organic soaps, and one of the awesome items they showed is the 4-kilo pink/orange organic which was won  by Ms. Ria. Aside from introducing, they also gave away soaps for us the bloggers and supporters. These soaps are currently being used by my family, (and I am updating this post) we found it safe to use because it is 100% natural as it is based in virgin coconut oil, therefore making it eco-friendly too!

Sir Gary Viray also spoke during the party and shared with us a networking part about PAGCOR that gains higher traffic and impression. He also conveyed that there are lots of activities lined up with the PAGCOR E-.

Smilds.com followed, which was one of the sponsors – introduced also the online shopping portal here in the country. GM was also there who gave Friendster stuff – which I also received. There was also another one who gave away havaianas slippers (that I was wishing to receive but my name was already called) and gift certificates. Exchange gifts followed and then lastly, networking and photo taking. Fun fun fun! I did not have any OP feeling, though it was my very first to attend a blogger event, I felt I really belong!


Thanks Jenn and AZ for the photos, you really are good photographers, wanna be like you too guys!

the give aways i received

I was all the way came from my boarding house near PAGCOR building, and as what I’ve said at the start of my post, I really had a funny time reaching the event.   But I did not regret attending it especially the fact that I was chosen and contacted to attend by Ms Janette Toral of DigitalFilipino Club. And by the way, through constand updating in facebook, I learned that Ms. Janette has reached out bloggers and hosted bloggers networking events ain Manila, Cebu, Davao and Bacolod City. I even have read some of the posts of the bloggers she had met to.  

Hoping to see you all again… This was the start but not the end… 🙂 Thanks Ms. Janette and Sir Gary of Blog4Reviews.com… Cheers and more powers! 

till then,