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Di Makakalimutang Perstaym!!!

Having experienced every FIRST or perstaym in tagalog was really a fulfilling and one of the most euphoric things than can happen to your life. Everyone of us has this, perstaym to blog, perstaym to complete, perstaym to attend to an event – whoa, event! I had my perstaym last night, first time to attend a bloggers/advertisers event, and I really did enjoyed it! Being gregarious and mingling with the rest of bloggers who were there was really fun!

Why i am writing about perstaym (first time), because there is a blogger who is announcing a contest about your perstaym travel experience. And I am joining here. So you too can join, wann know the prizes at stake?

 – Gift certificate worth P5,000 from 7,107 cruise..

not bad right? Just post your perstaym travelling experience like me, and then that’s it, you might have a chance to be selected through

I will share my first travel experience to you guys! Honestly, I have never been around the Philippine archipelago, the only places I know and visited were Quezon (my province), Laguna, Cavite, Tagaytay and Batangas, Subic and Bulacan (just because of the summer company outing). I never had a chance to travel beautiful scenic places of our country, budget constrait. Then what am I going to share to you guys?

My perstaym travel was very unforgettable, it was in Utah USA, if not because of my current employer, I would never experience this, my perstaym to ride a plane! The purpose of travelling to Utah was to have a training from our US counterpart, not only training though! During weekends, we were brought to different lovely places in Salt Lake City.

In our first weekend, Ryan Stringham brought us to Park City where I was able to see and touched a real snow, filthy though! But I loved it!! 🙂

park city utah

Next weekend – Kevin Matthews toured us to Temple Square at Downtown, where the big temple of Jesus Christ the Latter Saints built. Tiring day as we were really prowling around that place, visited various buildings and watched Joseph’s Smith story. After that 8 hours tour, Mark Roberts joined us watching the Real Soccer Game, Xango and Canada team vied, and Xango won. Enjoyed this day, though was very tiring!

temple square and real city

Last weekend there, the best! Paul Dabell brought us to Lagoon Park and the six of us rode nine thrilling coasters or so, the Wild Mouse, Spider, Cable Car, Bumping car, Bat, and the Colloasus whre my eyeglasses flew and broke, (cannot remember the rest) – and the best, the Skycoaster where me, Karen and Paul were able to fly high in the sky, love it, though nervous feeling was there! As the harness’ rope was being pulled up and upon seeing that you were really getting higher up from the ground, whoa, a feeling that was very incomparable – then suddenly, at the count of 3 (3 2! 1!) and fly! as Karen pulled the string, we swang like a feather up, dowm, up down to the both sides.. Grabe as in! If I were to ask if I want to repeat this experience again, I will not think twice, YES! I WILL!…

lagoon Park

Sky Coaster Experience - July 2009

My perstaym travel lasted for five weeks, weekdays were spent for training. Some weekends were just at the hotel Marriott.

till then,