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Celebrate the Year-end and Welcome the New Year with Smiles and Hopes

As I write this post, realizations and whining back occur within me. Turning back to what happened to me this year 2009 makes me more mature (yet my heart remains ung, lols) and makes me feel that I am more blessed this year. The beginning of 2009 was not that as happy or as blessed as the last months of the year, I still had to struggle for finances since I remain the breadwinner of our family. But still managed to cope with it. Debts is still there and here we cannot shun it though, but thankful that with that way, I was abe to surpass my obligations.

First quarter was a bit hard, I had to settle the two HSBC credit cards and thankfully I had so many source of fund (debt pa rin) to pay my obligations that reached 70K and 45K, but were paid by 20K & 6K respectively. My brother was one of those KPPI employees retrenchedand he has to stay at home and help inay and tatay instead. I also had to decide if I will continue to leave my employer during that quarter.

And like the real life we all are facing, when you were down, up will soon be yours. It’s like after the rain, there comes a bright sunshine! Second quarter has been a very blessed times for me, though I need to leave Advantek, I was able to land a very good job not only that I get compensated well, but the position I have here would be a plus for me! Not only that, I am very thankful that I was one of those selected to attend an onshore training in Utah. Counting my petty blessings (lols), I live a very happy life despite being single, with my family and friends. Yey!!! trulalo, because I am able to make my dreams a reality, step by step, though delays were being encountered, still, those things and plans I have in my mind, all of them have materialized (and I do not stop reaching my goal).

2010 is a great year for me to look forward to, I will go back to school and have my MBA, yes, I will be an afable student again, pens and notebooks that I missed will be utilize again! And oops, one also of the blessings this last quarter, I passed the masteral’s entrance exam (waaa, it was difficult, aside from that, I was not able to concentrate hard on the exam, four staff who were there in MBA office were just too noisy, arrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. But dump that, being able to pass erased my harshed and annoyed feeling that day!

Thanks Bro for the wonderful and blessed 2009,  I know that if not without You, I will never achieve the petty things I have today, and thanks to my beloved family and friends! May this year ends peacefully and that new year begins blissfully. If we are challenged with so many sacrifices this year, and will be challenged again next year, we will remain adamant facing these sacrifices and challenges. I know, we know, that You are always beside us… Thank you so much!