Daily Living

Holiday Celebration

I’ve been busy these holidays, so any parties and events had lined up and luckily, I was able to attend to them all. First event, was the ACS Christmas Party last December 13, 2009 help at the PICC where Parokya Ni Edgar guested. Next was the bloggers event, the blog4reviews christmas party and the PACE christmas party.

Prior to that, I have been tasked to do a video comemmorating or showing how great one of our SME’s is, so I had to consume my time for that, and thankfully I was given compliment slips by my boss for making this video a very nice one. She appraised and praised me for a job well done.

By the way, the holidays that passed had been very memorable for all of us, we enjoyed it a lot and lots of people, especially kids enjoyed the giving season and celebrated Christ birth. Likewise celebrated peacefully the new year 2010. And hoping that this year may bring us peace and hope and that the country will finally be free of any corruption and crime, this year and the coming years….

till then,