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New Year, New Start , Go on With Our Colorful Life

As I was preparing my things going to my work yesterday, oh, whie I was at home in Cabatang Tiaong, Quezon, there had been so many qualms and quandaries protruding deep within me, to name a few, one of these is my financial obligation to my family. With my plans that materialze, to go back to school this January, how sure I am that I can still support them? (who drama!), my youbgest brother wants me to help him by things out of his likes, not necessities, and most importantly, my lola who  undergoing her medication, I want to help her as much as I can.

He is always good to us,He hears carefully and answers all our prayers very timely! When I was performing my task at wrk, had a minute time to peek my payslip online and huwaw!!!! what a great blessing, our unused leaves were paid!!! Yey!!! And those amounts are more than enough to handle my financial obligation. 

And by the way, before I reported for work yesterday ( I was on a night shift sched this month), I decided to buy some stuff for my personal needs and just noticed that there are still lots of promotional products in the grocery store. Holidays are almost over so we must be smart enough and think twice or thrice should we buy goods that are not essential to us.

Start the year right, go on with our colorful life…

till then,