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The Satisfaction I Gain from Blogging

I will keep on reiterating that one of my greatest hobbies and passions is writing (in an old way) and blogging (in our modern day). Old notebooks are kept in my home, and when I feel lonely and want to reminisce things that happened to me yore, I just need to search my baul and read on. Smiles painted in my face as I read and remember the things that I did before. I bet my parents and brothers already found it, and  I am pretty sure they know the secrets and emotions I wrote there.

Due to the influence and invasion of modern technology particularly of the internet, old way of diary is replaced by what we call blogging, easier, fun and online, where your posts and articles may be indexed in the internet. I am not sure though of the exact term, not that IT girl 🙂 . As what I’ve written in one or two of my posts, I started blogging hosted by or in friendster. It served as my diversion, my diary.  I remember during those times that I already have five posts in that networking site, I told Jennifer Manliclic (now Miñoza) to read my articles, it was then that she advised me to blog, start blogging and earn from it. I followed her, so I registered in wordpress.com as honeydhynnes.wordpress.com. I started also to register in payperpost and Dneero, unfortunately, when I already was gaining a rank in this blogsite, wordpress warned me that they will suspend my account if I will not remove my PPP and Dneero – sponsored site. I did removed them, but I didn’t know why wordpress still kept on telling me that theor system sees that I still had PPP. Then came a time that I cannot log to my wordpress account anymore.

That is the reason why I have I Just Opine, I write what I feel, I write while inspired and inspire others as they read, I write from the heart. It is not perfect though, there are grammatical errors, some may be balderdash, I know it is, but I love the way how my mind goes and thinks.

The primary purpose why I blog is to divert my feelings and emotions as I really am not a loquacious and chatty person (in person), I find it easy to express what I feel through writing and blogging. Second to that is the earnings I will gain in my hobby and another is to have my name searcheable in the google and how I wish I have this mine searcheable also in all search engines..

I admire Ryan Joson for saying that “Yoko ko kasi ng pera usapan sa blogging kasi mawwala yung excitement at purpose ko kung bakit ako nagblog” , I salute her for telling me that. Nice one Ryan! 🙂

And I just want to defend myself why one of my purpose is to earn, because I really need to :-), I am really looking for a part-time job to eke my income and since I find it difficult to have one, I have this blogging in place. Double purpose, I earn minutely in my hobby.