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Our Humble New Year’s Eve Celebration

We Filipinos all over the world usually do not let things or special events just pass by, we make sure and make ways that during these momentous days, we prepare something special, simple yet happy.

One of the momentous events that we all are celebrating is the welcoming of the new year. We all keep awake till midnight just to celebrate, make noise, yell, jump, in this changing of year, saying goodbye from the past one year and loudly welcoming the new year, new hope and another blessing.

This year’s celebration of my family was very happy, it was simple though as always, but very memorable, thanks to the help of my digicam that eked joy to this celebration. It was our key, together with my cousins and neighbors. I connected my digicam in our television and they were amazed seeing themselves in the television 😛 we even took video of ourselves while dancing (hindi po ako lasing dun, super happy lang). Back, back, back!… During the eve, we make sure that we welcome the new year complete, eat meals together and celebrate it full of laughters. See our photos, these worth a thousand words, these are not fake nor edited. Just us, happy, contented and full of love, we the six of us!

I remember when we were young, when we were really destitute, we were not able to welcome the new year as we had nothing to share with, no meals, really was penniless. We had our sleep instead, but cannot sleep that deep due to the blasting around. I even cried and promised myself that it wont happen to us again – sleeping during new year’s eve. And thanks God I did it, I was able to help my family celebrate according to what we have.

We hope that we are still able to celebrate it complete, and that I am still capable of humbly giving our needs. I love them so much! I love you Inay, Tatay, Aris, Leo and Totoy…. 🙂 Muah….

till then,