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The Best of Luck in 2010

2009 perhaps would be a bad year for my brother Aris. March of that year, he was one of the employees of Kanepage Philippines incorporated that had been laid off. After that, fortune and luck were really far at hand, he had never been employed for the rest of the year.

He is not a sharer person, he is secretive than me, he is not expressive like me and keep things just for himself only. We never knew that being unemplyed brought him such emotional problem, not until he became veru drunk wherein almost everyday he was like that and went home crying. He cannot control himself expressing his feelings when he is at that state. We had no problem and will never mind that he’s no job, it is okay for us that he stayed at home and help my parents instead. Yun nga, when he, one day came home drunk and crying he incessantly telling that he has no worth, that he is a burden for us, he even punched our door and cried out loud. Then the next day when he was no hang over anymore and he’s in his real mind, we talked to him and asked him why, he never really shared and told us the reason why he became such. He just told and apologized, as he did not know what he did that night.

Since then, he promised us he’ll never drink anymore and amazingly he did! He never attempted to drink though his friends kept on inviting him. He joined them then, but never dared to have a single glass, he joined them talking instead. Amazing and I salute him for that. This perhaps is the reason why he has been very lucky this year 2010. At the beginning of the year, he’s been employed and even asked by his former employer to get back to work in Kanepackage, but he’s employed in Roberts, I just do not know yet of his decision regarding this. Aside from that, there is one great opportunity awaits him abroad, he’s just waiting for the call. And while waiting he decided to work in Roberts first.

A lesson has learned and fortunately brings him a better luck and future. This just indicates that success and change begin within our sole self, no other person is responsible but me, you! And like my brother, you can also make a change and have a better future if you’ll not make bad things invade you and be your master. Be positive and try to make things possible. In your own hands lie your own future and success.

till then,