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Why I Wear Eyeglasses

I remember when I was at Rapid Forming Corporation and Elsie dared me to look in the posters posted in Jollibee Sta. Rosa if I can read those small letters, and yes I did, I can see them clearly. Elsie was already seeing things unclear then, she needed to wear eyeglasses. Yet now, I am also like Elsie, I am a near-sighted person and wear eyeglasses to see things clearly. I started being like this when I was in Nikkoshi Philippines Incorporated. I was wondering why I always experiend headache, my eyes were the reason then.

I was thinking if I can do a laser eye operation so that my eyes will be back to normal, but I was advised that this can only be done once, what if my eyes get blurred again when I become old, I cannot do a laser operation anymore, and it’s expensive though!

Fortunate enough to consider, there is a way to get rid of reading glasses and eyeglasses ( I must admit it’s awkward to wear them sometimes and you look old with those). It is a refractive surgery procedure wherein the need for the reading glasses can be reduced for months at a time. It is a NearVision CK that is done by a doctor within 20 minutes and inside a doctor’s office. NearVision CK is a monovision technique that induces myopia in the patient’s non-dominant eye to help people with presbyopia see items both near and distant.

One of the clinics offering this procedure is the Stahl Eye Center who has been serving patiens for more than 35 years now. Doctors from this clinic are graduates of top universities such as UCLA, John Hopkins and yale. It also has three locations in New York including Manhattan and Long Island.

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