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I Am Addict

Yes, you read it right! I am an addict, I cannot shun doing my addictive act. I am very nostalgic if I haven’t done it a day. But I am not alone being addict here, it is hitherto, with todays technology where this addictive thing becomes cheaper and cheaper and accessible, seems like everybody knows how to be addict with it.

Am I writing too many addcit words here and make you puzzled? Does my post vague yet you cannot surmise what i’m trying to convey? I am talking about my addictiveness to internet. Yahoo mail, facebook, plurk, I Just Opine, The Epitome of Me, sponsored sites, nuffnang, google adsense, whoa, those are the sites that I visited most. I still am trying to explore more on blogsphere, trying to view and visit blogs of different bloggers to make myself visible in the web.

Enough of that, I am addict, how will I stop this 🙂 rehab me….

till then,