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Another Shaky Night

I had to be at the office for longer hours than normal, I need to finish the report within the week. Few days are left and I am cramming for it.

We were busy doing our reports when that weird shake happened, followed by seconds of continous shaking, there was an earthquake. The three of us Bec, Joseph and me, together with other people from other team felt it. It made us stop, chat a while and talked something about personal loans for people with bad credit, because friends of them are having difficulty settling their bad credit. I was amazed how I handle this issue properly, I was able to settle it at a given time, but, it made me thinner…..

That shaky night made me more frightful, MOA is built in a reclaimed area. But I believe the He won’t let us down, that He will embrace us whatever happens. Just believe and have faith. Be positive.

Update: just read from yahoo news that this shaky-earthquake in Manila that i’ve experienced hit much Haiti country, my prayers are with them. Haiti had a 7.0 magnitude earthquake specifically in Port-au-Prince causing buiding destructions, deaths and injuries. I really was saddened by this news. We are still lucky and fortunate that we Filipinos did not experience this catastrophe, can’t help but sigh, pray and thank the Lord.

 Thanks and till then,