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Fireworks….in MOA

I cannot think of any topic to blog, meantime I want to show you some pictures I had during the fireworks display, 2 minutes fireworks display in Mall of Asia. This was every Friday at 7pm.

I really can’t help but be amazed even for a short period only. Love the sparks and the lightings… Unfortunately, my cam is not that good to capture how beautiful the fireworks was.  Here are the photos I’ve got anyway, and am willing to capture it everytime MOA has it.


What makes this photo more interesting is the couple behind. During my first shot, they seemed not intereseted with the fireworks, their that distant from each other 🙁 

And finally, they felt and saw the beauty of the lights and sparks, how sweet! The couple focused on watching the glaring lights. They just made my moment blue, I had no one beside me during that night, watched that fireworks alone, nobody dared to be with me.. jejeje…

 Really sweet of them, they were able to finish that until the last spark.

 I was in front of Mall of Asia and the fireworks display was at the back, along bayside. I was already going home that night and when I was about to cross to reach the multicab that will bring me to Buendia, it happened. Great that I always bring my digicam, I always do, to capture unexpected and special moments like these.

And so that’s the fireworks in MOA every Friday and Saturday night, catch it during those days at 7pm with your family or partner, and be as sweet as those couple in my pictures.

till then,