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Tasks Are Not Easy

Wheoa, and I have been receiving assignments from PPP, I was wishing this before, that my blog be approved so I can make paid posts for them. Yet it’s hard pala d it is not that easy, you need to monitor and always peep in your email to check whether new assignments have been given to you. You need to create posts or reviews right away because after three days and you unfortunately dd not finish the tasks, sorry, it will disappear like a bubble. Not only that, you also need to eck and visit sites where you registered your blog and see if there are available opportunities awaiting for you, you should reserve it right away and if not, mauunahan ka ng iba and the time that you decide to reserve it, the system will tell you, THE OPPORTUNITY HAS BEEN FULLY RESERVED. It requires monitoring from timeto time if you want to earn more through blogging.

For a working blogger like me, i find it hard to do all these. Of course I won’t let this hobby of mine interrupt or affect my job, so as much as possible i try not to do this while at work. After office when I got home, I continue surfing and doing my assignments, through my broadband and if luck permits, just sitting in MOA foodcourt and enjoying the free wifi. Unfortunately, charging isn’t allow here I only have two hours to surf, because I will be dead, my notebook will be dead.

And now, I am here, enjoying the MOA’s free wifi, but I only have less than an hour left. Should go home after that.

Thanks for the wifi, i can still do some of my assignments.