Give It Time

MERGING on to a crowded expressway can unnerve even the calmest driver. Despite the stress, most of us just check our mirror and cautiously forge ahead, hoping that the hole we’re shooting for remains open until our vehicle has safely entered the highway. We obey the yield sign on the on ramp , but we keep moving. “John C. Maxwell”

If you feel like quitting and want to fully surrender to the battle you are fighting, JCM gave a fresh perspective on time can help renew your spirits and energize you for the long haul. I got this from a friend and I wanna share this to you because I am sure that like me, you also had experience wanting to quit your endeavor. So here are the five thoughts that might in you the next time you find yourself coming to a standstill in your work as a leader;

1. Wrong perspection causes many people to quit.

2. If you start fot the wrong reason, you’ll stop for the wrong reason.

3. Perseverance and patience are a result of seeing the big picture.

4. Great accomplishments take great time.

5. Some things only work out if given enough time.

We should always remember the patience results to success, and no matter how hard our burden is, we should try to persevere and cope with these. Don’t be tempted giving up, we are all develop daily, not in a dat, do give it time! Take steps within your time and seriously.

Till then,