Was It Rude? Rica vs. Kathy of PBB Double Up..

There’s a new exciting portion of PBB that we must watch, “RESTBACK ATTACK”, former eight housemates including the newly-evicted Kathy, joined by Rica, Princess, Tom, Delio, Yuri, Patrick and naaaa I forgot the other one will join their forces to test the real attitude of the remaining eight housemates. Kung sino ang nagpapakatotoo at kung sino ang nagkukunwari.

Kathy did not go out when she was evicted last Saturday, she went to the second house and later on joined by the seven other. It is noticeable that Rica did not approach Kathy when she got in. Then came Sunday night, ABS CBN aired a portion where Rica returned a shirt to Kathy. Kathy asked “Bakit mo binabalik tong shirt”  and Rica replied “Because I don’t like you”, was it really that straightforward and frank of Rica? “Darling we’re not in a competition anymore” Rica added.
I remember when Rica just evicted and had an interview with THE BUZZ, Boy Abunda asked him “sino ang hindi nagpapakatotoo sa loob ng bahay ni Kuya?” And Rica answered “Si Kathy, sasabunutan ko sya pag bumalik ako sa bahay ni Kuya” and she did, with those words she uttered to Kathy, sobrang sabunot pa ang nakuha ni Kathy.
I was shocked when I watched it, it never came to my mind that Rica was able to say it.
till then,