My Christmas Present

I had a hard time buying a unisex christmas gift for PACE Christmas Party last December 17, 2009 (yeah, my post is late). I had no exact idea what to buy, I was also foreseeing what might be the feeling or reaction of the person who will receive my present. The exchange gift isn’t like the traditional one, we made it more interesting, when the name is called, you will choose the gift that you like most. So i really had a hard time, it’s already Christmas party yet I haven’t bought mine yet.

Me and Dave went to the department store to buy items, we had no idea what it is yet, we just went there and checked what’s nice to give. Then I decided to buy the Parokya Ni Edgar cd at exactly the amount of our agreed exchange gift value, paid it through EPS or from my savings account just hope that the one who chose my gift would feel happy and satiated. I hope he or she likes it.

Though we always say, it’s the thought that counts when giving away something to someone, it’s hard still choosing what is best and what item you feel would make the recipient happy. Ask me if I feel happy when I receive gift? Of course I am, it’s the thought that counts applies here. Whatever I receive, whatever they give me is no matter. I like them all!

till then,