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My Daily Routine

One of my tasks is filing and paying online sales and use tax of seventeen states of the US. This requires keen eyes and wary look into each figures because this involves money as in dollar value. Some of the states to file were transferred just last month, so I carefully studied how to file and pay it online. Back ups or returns from prior months were sent to me as reference and guide, showing the address to visit.

Some other states have no web address given, so I have to look for it in the web using the Torrents Search Engine, fast, accurate and big base. I found what I was searching in seconds, the results were shown. I actually had to search for three web address of three states, I was sure I found the correct ones because I was able to log in there.

Not only states web address were found, one of my officemates asked me to searched for the names of UPCAT passers, University of the Philippines College Achievement Test result. I took that entrance examination too last 1997 with BS Accountancy course, unfortunately, I did not pass the course quota but almost there, one line remained and i shall pass, but just because of the quota, I wasn’t able to study there.

And why my daily routine, one of my daily routines is the task I mentioned about sales and use tax. Not only that, blogging and internet surfing are momentous part of my daily living 🙂

till then,