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The Best Place Called Home

I have made a post of this last year, transferred from my honeydhynnes.wordpress account. Just copied and pasted including the picture where it was saved in that domain. It was already closed or should I say suspended, so the picture does not appear in my post, only the narrative.

I saved a picture of our old home, our loving home who sheltered and took care of us for more 27 years. Almost wrecked, stood still under the stikes of typhoons and earthquake, of rainy and sunny days. Made of wood and the floor was just the land where it was built. It made me dreamed of something for my family, when I was born here, at a very young age, I promised myself that I will give my parents a better home. But that was not easy. So I still aim that my dream house will be built soon (actually, me and Arlene Bonquin – now in Taiwan, dream and aim to have our dream house).

That was our home, loving home. We will never ever forget that. See, daming tukod to support our almost pagiba nang bahay. It was memorable, I borught many of my friends there, slept and did some get together, from elementary, high school college until my working days. Almost a year and half that this was gone, but remains in our hearts. It was a place where true happiness resides 🙂 .

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