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What I Miss, 1/4..

Due to too much sleep last weekend, Saturday and Sunday, I hardly slept tonight, imagine I am writing this post at 3:00 in the morning! Yes, I am fully awake, my eyes are wide open, typing words into sentences and composing this post, (hope I am not balderdash though). It was like, me and Eunice, one of my officemates here, were sleeping from 2:00 am on Saturday until 12:00 nn, then I had my valet until 2pm, bathed and chatted till 4pm (oh I had brunch in between), went back to bed at 5pm, woke up Maalaala Mo Kaya time until NNNN, it was 11pm. I surfed until 3:00 am on a Sunday. Got back to sleep and rise at 12:30 pm ASAP time, watched until 5:00 pm, I had to go to MOA to have a free wifi and did my tasks, stayed there until 7:00 pm (sniff, sniff, I had to go home after two hours, there’s nowhere to plug my notebook, recharging isn’t allowed in MOA foodcourt), watched PBB, till MEGA SHARON Birthday Concert and got back to bed at 12:00 mn. I leave you counting how many hours of sleep I had during weekends. With this, now I am suffering, weekends asked me to pay the sleep I had those days. It’s nearly 4:00 am and I haven’t felt any drowsiness. Hope when I feel like dozing, I can finish this post then, as a reward of staying alive that long.

And this is the story I want to share, the experience I had, unforgettable experience, my perstaym ika nga.

Having been chosen as one of the ACS employees who will be attending an onshore training in Utah USA was a great opportunity for me. I may sound very detailed, flaunty  and proud, well, say what you want to say, it was part of my dream though, to ride in a plane (akala nyo kung anon oh?). Yes, one of my dreams was to walk and enter inside the airport, I’ve never seen it until my flight, if not because of that, I have no idea when can I step on the airport. Actually, I have been dreaming of flying several times, repeatedly happened in my dreams that I was flying, even until now, literally flying, I’m flying without wings. My interpretation to that, my dreams are yet to be achieved, I can achieve all my dreams, kahit maputi na ang buhok ko.

Our flight was last June 06, 2009, I was half-sad because the day after that was my beloved inay’s birthday, I was not there though. I called and greeted her when we arrived in Utah on the same day, Mark gave us $100 worth of AT&T prepaid phone cards, so that was the first thing I did, greeted my mother, called my family and informed them that we safely arrived in Utah. Told them my experience riding a plane and share my euphoria with them, that there was a snow in a mountain, snow cup, that it was cold there, that 9pm was still bright, that we seldom ate rice, mostly salads and pastas. And that’s what I miss!

Miss part 1, I miss my room, the silent room that only the radio slash speaking alarm clock and television, likewise the air-conditioning unit and the refrigerator can be heard at night. Taking a bath every morning with heater on, (I just can’t take the cold water though!), and had a nice breakfast that would really make you choose which ones to eat (varieties made me confused), not to forget going to the exercise room and had an hour thread mill (I really did not sweat swear).

Mariott Hotel Salt Lake City Utah

Just arrived.

Mariott Hotel Salt Lake City Utah welcome gift

Hotel Marriot’s welcome gift..

Mariott Hotel Salt Lake City Utah Room

And my cozy room.

I miss our first week there, the huge sandwiches that they served us, but after that, perhaps they empathized us so they offered us rice that we grabbed. I loved their generosity and hospitality, they were always thinking how were we during those days, one thing that I miss also.


Sorry karen, took this with your name.. Let’s have the other side shot


looks yummy!!! Tingin pa lang buchog ka na.. 🙂

veggie salad

Akala kasi namin small servings lang, so we ordered a lot. We were not able to eat them all, so I took them home, that’s why I have that pictures.

I miss visiting Target and shopped fruits and breads. I miss going Downtown and window-shopped with Karen and Dina. I miss Sarku Japan (cheapest) and the greetings of Mexican waiter “Kumusta” because they recognized us Filipinos (ay tinanong pala nila). Miss also visiting the Southe Town Center and window-shopped again. It was there where we met a Filipina beauty consultant of Clinique and the other three salesladies in rtw area. It was nice seeing fellow Filipinos in a foreign land. The true essence of being Filipino is felt, always. I miss the daily training and the morning greetings of the ACS Sandy employees, “How are you?”, “Good” we replied, “GOOD!” they responded. I hope we Filipinos are like them, cheerful every morning, and smiles are painted in the faces.

Downtown Salt Lake City Utah

First sunday gala mode kahit maulan and explored Temple Square Downtown..

Temple Square Salt Lake City

Downtown Salt Lake City Utah

This was actually not part of our first week, but still in Downtown.

Downtown Salt Lake City Utah


This is the first part of what I miss, have to sign off now, it’s almost 4:00 am and I need to have some sleep, still have to go to work tomorrow at 9:00 am, hope after this post, sleep visits me. Thanks for a fruitful day Lord..

Till then,