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Real Leaf Paparazzi

This was the first time that I made it getting up early than those past days. I was really sleepless resulting to be slothful waking up every morning. And not only that, I must admit that I really don’t like rising up early, the best time for me would be 10:00 am. The rooster tone always keeps alarming should I stay my eyes closed and I just snoozed it so I’ll have few more minutes dozing. So today I arrived in the office early, it’s domino effect right?

FEPS or the clock in my pc was the first thing I did, opened and replied emails was next and of course checking my yahoo personal mail, typical start of a working person. Let me include persons from the team where I belong. Since we are working on numbers specifically money, we have to stay focused to what we are doing. Diligence, eyes into details and keenness are always observed as we need to carefully account each figures, it’s not like just creating a post like this where grammars sometimes is not perfect, we are getting our stipend in exchange of the ardor we give for the company.

I was hired eight months ago, never did I imagine that my interaction with my officemates especially with my teammates would be awesome. During my first day, I really was reluctant whether or not employees in there will like me, it is my first Manila-based job though, I am a probinsyana of Southern Luzon specifically of Tiaong, Quezon. As days wane, I started knowing each of them (though not all, expect that snobbish people are ubiquitous). Now I can say that we really are working as one.

And there goes my introduction (lols)! I actually would like to share (aside from waking up in the morning) that working with my team is fun, we have different personalities, but despite of that, when we hear the word fun, it really means fun, as in giggle, laughter as in lols that calls the attentions of all employees around, we can never avert that, just trying to make our job fun, job as Accountants and Senior Accountants, they may choose not to do so if they want wrinkles grow in their face.

Work as usual; keyboards pressing as we were typing, wee chatting while working (proves how multi-tasker we are), laughing as Leo and Joseph were joking, walking mile-long door (and when you left it ajar, it will create annoying noise – tototototototot) to get the print outs, others donning headsets as they are regaled by music, that’s how we are. After performing our due diligence working and focusing (we’re focused) on all the reports; reconciliations, payables, intercompany, journal entries, prepaids and sales and use tax, we decided to take our break, it was perhaps approximately 4pm, just so when our supervisor arrived. Joseph took the initiative and asked us to go downstairs (no, not by the ladder, we are situated at 8F) and have merienda in McDo, just located at ground floor. We joined him then, but we went first to SM Hypermarket and bought chichas to nibble and Real Leaf tea to break the ice when we go back to work. Finished buying at SMHypermarket, and we went to McDo. What to expect but a noisy group inside the fast foodchain that called the attention of people around, and we did not mind them, what we wanted was fun and relaxation.

real leaf

Languid after eating due to incessant chuckles, still aiming to fully unwind and refresh our mind and feelings, we went by the seaside (we’re beside MOA by the way) and felt the strong wind blowing our hair. We brought the real leaf tea as we walked and sat in front of the Starbucks Coffee. Joseph wasn’t there any more, he went ahead back to the office, so we had girl’s talk while drinking Real Leaf tea.

real leaf

real leaf

It refreshed our feelings and helped us in our relaxation and unwinding moment. Never feeling exhausted anymore, wide smiles were painted in our faces as we chatted anything and everything. We decided to go back to the office after wee minutes of relaxation. Real leaf tea made the moment more refreshing and fun, it brought back our zest and energy 🙂

 real leaf tea

Being part of CSG Utah Accounting Support team is one of the euphoric things that I must be thankful with. Working with my teammates Leo Solis, Joseph Guillermo, Leo Bueza, Mara Isidro, Karen Allasas, Dina Surigao, Rebecca Malanao, Divina Morales (may I include Dhina Lieva lols) supervise by Arnel Casauay is immeasurable. Proud to be your teammates guys!!!

And I just opine, sometimes we need to go out, explore and look beyond what we normally see every day. Sometimes we have to bring out the childish hearts we have, learn to mingle and be gregarious with people around us. Mind not what others may say, it’s none of their business though, take each moment of our lives special. We don’t need to just work, work, work and forget oneselves, we must also take work with fun, fun, fun and relax, unwind as we maintain our professionalism with childish hearts at times. And don’t forget to bring Real Leaf tea guys, it’s 100% real leaf tea, good for our health, “it’s gonna be good.” I always drink this, it keeps me energized all the time!


Till then,

  • Florencio

    So this is it, good luck!

  • hi rence!!! thanks for dropping!!! Good luck sa new career!!!

  • JP

    Nice idea for Real Leaf Tea Ads, Good luck!

  • Leo Solis

    wow green!

  • Romnick

    Weeee. Excellent idea!

  • Wacky

    Wonderful! i love this and its worth the time!, looking forward to your next blog.

  • thanks guys!!!

  • Jenpot

    love the buko… made me thirsty all of a sudden.. hehehe

  • Wacky

    In addition to that i love REAL LEAF TEA, i always have a bottle of it stuck on my Fridge.. so great work!

  • @ Romnick – thanks a lot!
    @ Wacky – salamat a lot! Hope you’ll be my regular visitor from now on 🙂 and share your green tea with us! baka ma-expire 🙂
    @ Jen – come and visit me in Tiaong, daming mura (buko) dun… so many niyog around!

  • Eric Go

    Great idea dhines, my family love’s real leaf tea also.. 🙂

  • Anah

    Hey guys, I’ve tasted this stuff the time I’ve seen the commercial of Gary V( i am a fun! lol). My first thought is “its gonna be good” since it was endorsed by a reputable and talented man….and proven, masarap nga sya and I feel energetic after…

    I’d tried other bottles of drinking stuff but I can say that this is the best so far considering of its health benefits on top of its delicious taste:)

  • wow really eric? Thanks for dropping by!!! 🙂

  • hi Anah! Nice to hear from you! Thanks for dropping by and can’t wait to see you 🙂

  • sheng

    Awesome! love it!
    have my officemate in accounting read this, and nakakarelate tlaga kami…;-) Good job!

  • Hi, Dhynnes!
    Right now Im having a sip to my traditional tea! I used to have my tea right after my lunch..Now Im having a second thought..(lol)or would I say Im now convinced that I would try your “Real Leaf Tea”. I cant wait to try it till tomorrow coz Iknow… If its green…it must be good! Good luck! Tomsky

  • Jenpot

    Is this what the real life tea can do? will try that at home ^_^ Chillax!

  • Dave

    ang sarap ng kinakain ni josa =)

    nice pics!

  • tin hernandez

    hi ate!wow! im happy to know that you’re happy with your work especially with your teammates…..i wish to be satisfied with my work too someday….hehe……mga mothers q n kc ksama q d2…..
    anyway galing mo mg endorse ah!…hehe let’s all drink real leaf tea!:)

  • Great!

  • Nice pics huh

  • cool pics.. 🙂 Good Luck!

  • Hi gurl… I like ur story… we experience the same in our new work…combine with excitement… work and fun… together with the real leaf tea… i really love tea…. :)jejejeje… waiting for more blogs….

  • zyra


  • reg

    di ako mkarelate s trbaho nyo.. pero ayos un sabi mo na u dont need to just work work work & forget urselves kundi work with fun fun fun & relaxx unwind as u maintain ur professionlaism.. ako dito.. work work work lng.. nkabukod ung fun fun fun relaxx at unwind.. tuwing walang pasok lng skin un. hehe iiskor ako nyan Real Leaf tea n yan.. hanap ako ng mbbilhan dito.. pra ma energize at refresh nman ako dito. hehe

  • mayel

    ate dhina, padalhan mo ko dito, hahaha

  • dhang

    I agree tea has a refreshing effect and being a tea addict myself especially green tea, it flushes out all toxins form our body.

  • Alvin

    Buko juice with Real Leaf combo looks… interesting. =D

    Good luck with your entry. See you again at the awarding ceremony. =)

  • hi alvin!! wow thanks for the comment.. and you are right, see you at the awarding ceremony!! 🙂

  • joseph

    that’s not me

  • eunice

    hi!!=) wow nice blog ha!.. napaka artistic=)

  • lenie

    real leaf endorsement was indeed enticing Ate…Go Quezonians! Itaas ang bandera ng C.E.S. Cheers to the enjoying life at work! live,love,laugh =)

  • imee

    hi! sis…how much your talent fee on advertising real life tea? hehehe.. ang galing ah! I’ll try it.. you’re right sis..we must take our work lightly & with fun…especially sa nature ng work natin..hehehe. I’m so happy with you sis coz you’ve found good teammates like them….Gudluck sis and always take care… love you sis..

  • dennis

    awesome… gling mo ah… i tried this tea once and i really loved it… magagaling din mga endorsers mo… effective.. haha

    Being a tea lover, what else can i say. real life tea? incomparable.

    Keep it up!!!

  • dennis

    i stood corrected, it’s real leaf tea. haha shame

  • Anna

    Hi sis,

    Good ads for real life tea ha., glad to hear na happy ka with your work and sa mga kasama mo,, hopefully by this time magtagal ka na jan ha., goodluck sa maganda mong career jan. GOD BLESS

  • carey

    nice only shows your personality..ikaw pa din dina na housemate ko 11 years and clever, sexy and witty, seriously wise…keep up.

  • wayne

    hi sis… i wont be surprised if next time you’ll gonna tell me that you’re already working in an advertising firm… you’re such a good endorser huh, keep it up!!! i’ve been enlightened how good it is in our body, i’ll try that one… ciao

  • thanks all!! hmmm…. good to hear from you guys!!! bili na kayo ng real leaf tea… masarap sya.. not so sweet, so so lang 🙂

  • You make me miss going to the office… Nice write-up though 🙂 Good luck to us both!

    P.S. If you have the time, please visit and post a comment on my Real Leaf Paparazzi post too. Thanks!

  • Such an engaging post. The first pic is really cute!

  • bechay

    nice work dhynnes! same here, proud to be your teammate… i love the pics & of cuz, the real leaf tea! hehe
    aww..serious comment ko, goodness! 😛

  • bem

    hi dhynes! u did good! but it would be better if you put my name! hahahahahah!

  • hi bem!! tnx so much.. uu nga no jejeje.. ur name 🙂