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Thanks Ohmski for 7107 GC – My Perstaym Prize

Finally!! I have it.. My perstaym prize in blogging! 😛

I joined Ohmski’s PERSTAYM KO TO blog contest last December 2009. Just trying my luck if I will be fortunate when it comes to contest in blogging, I am not lucky in raffle prizes so try it here! I won through, the site selected the winner, seemingly like a raffle also.

I have no idea how, when will I use it, it’s not convertible to cash, wait for Mother’s Day perhaps or maybe a gift cruise to my parents (why not?). 

Muli, nais kong magpasalamt sa nagpakulo ng paligsahang ito, Omar Itay, nawa ay magkaroon ka pa ng maraming contest at ako’y interesadong makilahok! Mabuhay kayo mga bloggers! 🙂

Till then,