Traffic Accident – Traffic Crime, Must Shun

Our country currently faces a ruthless crime’s case. It was due to a traffic incident resulting to killing the Philippines Press Secretary. Jason Eivler (really not sure if I spelled it right), is the person involved in this heinous crime. Short-tempered led to killing somebody like what happened to this case. He is a 27 year young-man, who is brave enough to exchange shots with his capturer from NBI to name one. Because he fought not to be captured perhaps, he was shot in his body and brought to the hospital. After his recovery, expect that he’ll face the consequence of ending someone’s life.

This is not the first case of traffic crime in the Philippines resulting to death, car accident is one of the causes of one’s death. Why not observed traffic rules, be wary and careful while driving, mind all the persons the driver is carrying and avert this kind of crimend incident. I wonder whether or not those drivers have HVG insurance to take care of everything for their cars when some unexpcted happens?

Just so few months ago while I was riding a multicab going back the apartment, we heard a loud skretch then bang!, the innova car bumped into another two cars in front of him, due to the fast driving, break did not make it to stop, but just bumped into cars in front of it. Shamed. I had no idea if meone had been killed here, I wish none.

Hearing loud sond of cars skretching, hard wheels friction made me feel more nervous, it is hard to witness such accident,so let us try not to happen and experience it. Let us all be careful and pray for our safety.

And so i just opine, till then