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What I Miss…2/4

In continuation of what I miss, here is another post relative to it.

After spending our first working week in Utah, we had to enjoy ourselves visiting some of the states famous places, one of these is the Park City.  One of our SME’s took us first to the mountain where there was snow, touched it though filthy and felt the cold as in 7degreeF, (i was wearing a high-heeled sandals then, no other shoes to don). After few minutes, we went ahead to Park City itself, that was Sunday so most of the stores were closed observing their rest and family day.

Here are the photos of what we’ve had.


see my footwear (lols) 😛

And those were the Park City days… that I miss… wish i will be able to get back there and experience the super cool environment as being covered by snow…notjust a mountain snow cup, but snow eerywhere, snow that you can actually eat.

And so till then,