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Century Bangus Fillet Winners’ Lunch at West Side Grill Wack Wack Golf and Country Club – Jan 23, 2010

Finally, I was able to attend Nuffnang’s event. This was actually for all bloggers who joined in “Century Bangus Fillet, Anytime, Anywhere” blog contest last October 2008. Since I was one of the bloggers who joined in, I attended the winners’ lunch held at West Side Grill Wack Wack Golf & Country Club. I thought I was already late because I was caught in traffic on my way there, it was slated to start at 11:00 am and arrived there at 12:00nn. But then, when I arrived it was only then that the registration begun. I had to participate in their guessing game, there were thirteen ingredients that we have to guess what we those. I am really not into cooking stuff especially that the ingredients were mostly not comment for me. I think what I guessed right were the 3-1 coffee, chili powder and pepper, all the rest I think were guessed wrong, but nevertheless, I still enjoyed the game adding the fact that I was the very first player of the game though I came in late! They were waiting for me actually (lols!)

I had no one with me, and I have seen no familiar blogger there that I met in Blog4Reviews Christmas Party, since I am me, who is now confident of attending a party where I knew no one, I entered the table and chose the second one, then came other four bloggers and sat beside me. I just knew their names hen, the two bestfriends beside me were Pie and Aimee, and the other two guys were Ryan and Richard. The table was for eight persons, vacant seats were waiting for someone, then came the three ladies jovially. When the two went to the rest room after few minutes of sitting, I talked to the one beside me, asked her name, so say hi to Michelle Reyes of BubbleandPink.blogspot.com.


The program has started hosted by a slim lady that resembles Izza Calzado. Speech from one of the Century Bangus Fillet’s Director was heard and introduced the new packaging of century bangus. Aside from  that, there are lots of century bangus fillet products to be launched this year, what I remember among them are the tocino, sisig etc., so watch out for their luscious dishes launching and find it in the market.

Since it was a Century Bangus Fillet Winners’ Lunch (non-winners were there though), and na ah ah, awarding of the winners did not start right after Mr. Leo’s speech, a game called salad making was played first. Various vegetables were chosen by the four team and did the salad creatively and deliciously  with of course the main ingredient Century bangus fillet. Fifteen minutes was consumed and presented the finished products to the four judges. The winning team was the “HAPPY SALAD” (happy because the salad was made as happy face). After the game was one of the most awaiting part – the lunch! And we were amazed that there are so many viands we could do with Century bangus Fillet, so look at the menu though, I loved the tocino and shanghai!


Century Bangus in Creamy Gratin

And the most awaiting part of the event has happened, the presentment of the Apple iphone 3G to the top five best blogs abour Century Bangus Fillet. First calles was a lady from Ormoc (yes she came all the way from Ormoc and personally received the prize), then Richard of LionHeart blog who brought century bangus in Mt. Calaviti mountain who is a nurse also, next was Char (Cher) who ate and brought it during the soccer practice, next was the PinoyMountaineer.Com, but he wasn’t there to receive the prize, lastly was Mr. Juny who did a video during his work’s meeting. Each of them received an Apple iphone 3G, wow!! I wish I won too!! Envious of what Richard – our seatmate had gotten, we just took photo of the iphone and touched it so luck be with us too!

The Winners

The program lasted for two hours, we ended at 2:00 pm and before we left, we got our packager, yes there was a give-away to those who joined in the contest, it was a box with six century bangus fillet. This was my second bloggers’ event, though I did not see familiar blogger faces whom I met at Blog4Reviews Christmas party, (except Jen Espacio and her husband) I was able to meet other bloggers to like Alvin of 7107Reasons, Michelle of BubbleandPink.blogspot.com, her jolly and humorous sister Madel, Pie and her bestfriend Aimee, Aihla, Richard and Ryan.

Co-bloggers Alvin, me, Michelle and Aila

I may not be the winner of this contest, but being able to attend, witness the awarding of the winners, eat their luscious dishes and meet other bloggers would be great enough to be a winner for me! Looking forward to another bloggers’ event.

Thanks Michelle for the clear photos!! If not with you, I wouldn’t have something nice to post here 🙂 

Till then,