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It’s Monday Again…Back To Work

Traffic caught me somewhere before reaching the town of Sto Tomas Batangas, the barangay was celebrating their fiesta. I was late by thirty minutes. Sad 🙁 and I was not able to take a nap while the bus was running.

No need to take a rush, since I will be reporting grave yard, I have to start my week enjoyably. It’s Monday again, month-end closing, two weeks night shift and this is the start. No woorries, I have no problem working at night. Good luck for two weeks working, back to work, weekend was over, waiting for another weekend though!

Sometimes shifting my work schedule makes it hard for me to flush out my body toxins, i wish I have a potty putter so that I will enjoy my time while waiting something to flush out 🙂 , I am constipated. Several factors affect this, pressure, stress, too much caffeine intake, but I cannot shun taking tha latter. Ask me to stop anything but not that one! Although factors affect me having this, there are advices to consider, I just need to be disciplined enough and obey those advices. My housemate say one of the solutions is to drink plenty of water, I did, I started drinking lots of water even if will cause me pee from time to time, to no avail, still doesn’t work that much! I can resolved this I know.

Till then,