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My Dream House

I admire Builders of many beautiful and astonishing homes. I wonder how they were able to built it as nice, as awesome as adamant as they are. I admire thoe people behind it, how they were able to design it amazingly. I know how hard it is for the engineers and architects to effortly built it. Requires long time and so much effort just to finish one unit right? Careful studying and planning have been done to make it perfect!

This is my dream house, aiming to have and live in here soon, just keep on dreaming and soon i will have it 🙂 , there’s no harm, so dream high always! 🙂

I would love to live here, I love to always go home and let myself lay in this cozy and comfy home. My feet for sure will always want to run and head here, love it 🙂 !

I’ve posted here something about our almost wrecked home that we already did let go, I am currently building my dream home, not copy exact as the picture above (hopefully someday), but my dream home, as in where my family lives with love and care. A home that I am proud to show to my relatives and friends, fruit of my hardship…

Come and visit me, I’ll let you feel how fresh the air there and let you feel how to live in a province surrounded by green trees, feeling cool, not as warm as what you feel here in Manila.

Till then,