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Busy Jan and Feb 2010

I don’t know if I will be reprimanded for posting this, but, as my title says, January and February is busy months for us. Transition period is on-going, we in our team and the entire PACE Department of ACS Philippines will put their best effort and work harder to cope with one of the most challenging months and parts of our employers. (I don’t think i need to put the reason here)

We normally have one week night shift every first week of the month and do closing activities. And because transition is currently on going, we have to work for two weeks nigh shift starting yesterday January 25. It is no big deal, I enjoy it though! 🙂 In fact, i’ve been very thankful, so many times that I will say thank you to ACS for hiring me, you are the best company i have served with! Not only that I am well-compensated and starting to materialize the rest of my dreams, but likewise the enjoyment of my tasks and the healthy team-members we have. There is no age gap, we age almost the same, 25 – 31, not bad, our interests meet always and agreed with one another. Happy as we are! This I think is the best reason for an employee to stay, to be happy with the people around and with the people she/he is working with.

I am foreseeing that the longest two years and seven months stay in Nikkoshi Philippines will be broken, I will stay for sure in ACS for long. Let’s see…. Mark this post 🙂

till then,