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Why Blog..Again..Setting Tags, Categories and SEO Optimization

I’ve been a bit active nowadays with blogging, and even started to mingle with my co-bloggers and the first one was last December 17, 2009 led by Ms. Janette Toral and Sir Gary Viray. This year, I am planning to attend more events like this, in fact I have attended the Nuffnangers Centurty Bangus Fillet Winners’ Lunch at West Side Grill Wack Wack Golf & Country Club last January 23, 2010.

I’ve been posting a lot of articles relative to blogging, it is due to the fact that I really want to make myself dexterous with it, and I really am having a lot of memorable things to write on, this site of mine should not forget to document those momentous events so I can easily access them when I want to be more inspired and when I am in my emo mode.

Trying to make your blog visible to everyone and be searchable in the web, one key to this is setting your tags and categories. This has been proven in mine, whatever I mention in my article that I think would be searchable and will be used by many to search the web, I make sure that I set the tags and categories. They do it this way, example, when they search any article in the web like using google search, they will type in a keyword and when your post contains the word exactly or more or less the same with what the searcher typed in, your blog is fortunate and chances are he or she would likely click on your post. Isn’t it significant?

I got this essential tip from web articles info, just written the interesting article that they have posted therein, and it is the tagging and categorizing. Additionally, there are numerous articles enumerated in this web that I believe would be helpful enough to those bloggers out there, especially to the newbies. You may want to start your own right, read on and be educated, I tell you that blogging industry is now growing rapidly. You may blog any topic you want according to your forte and interest, you may also want to know about SEO optimization, how it works and how you can apply it to your website or blog. Me, I blog my personal life, but do blog also things that interest me, it be political, showbiz, and crime issues.

I think the information I have written here is helpful enough for you to start your own blog, you may want to know more about it.

Till then,