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A Moment To Reconnet With Friends

MELD company, that was what we agreed to call our barkada in high school. That represents our names, Maria Cristina (Makiss) Macaraig, Melody Algenio, Edna Ilagan, Liccibeth Latayan and Dhina Lieva. We arrived naming it during our last quarter of second year. And now I miss them. If you will ask where they are now, we are currently facing our own lives now, seldom that we see each other. Makiss country hopping presently in France, Melody in Taiwan, Edna in Baguio, Liccy in Los Baños and me in Manila. Me and Makiss remain single and looking (doh 🙂 ), we are both finding our ways goinr to the status of the other three friends of mine. Melody, Edna and Liccy have kids now, and they have me as the godmother (yes, all of them). I had seen and contact occassionally Makiss, every time she goes home and visits her family, there were times that we meet in BVMQW. Edna – the last time we met was last December 2005, I can’t visit her in Baguio yet, but I have plan to. Melody has just left for Taiwan last December, and just few months before that, six months or more was our last meeting. And this is the most amazing time frame of no meeting – after high school graduation, I only saw Liccy once, and after that, never had a contact just until now. I have never  seen her fo so long, it was only after eleven years that we had a contact, luckily she was able to get my number to one of our classmates Ranil and  texted me. I also have a plan of visiting her in Los Baños (she has three kids already). I wonder how she looks right now? Is she still the Liccy I’ve had before? Hope to see her soon and hope to see them all soon! And it will be fun if the entire class will meet soon. 

Miss you all guys! Looking forward to an extravagant reunion 🙂 .

till then,