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Best Electric Cigarette

Why I am talking about Electric Cigarette? Why I am promoting a smoking, am i not aware of the health risk of smoking?

Before you judge me, first of all I want to tell you what electric cigarette or E-cigarette is. It is for those people who want to enjoy nicotine but don’t want other harmful chemicals like hydrogen cyanide, ammonia and acetones that cause bad effects in their health. It uses nicotine cartridges which are being disposed after use. It is not that bad right? I am not a smoker, but I believe that e cigarettes reduced the risk of smoking by 95%, so why not switch to this smoking alternative right? Risk free.

I always beg my father and brothers to stop smoking because of the health risk they might get of doing so. There are lots of evidence or proofs that smoking – traditional smoking brings risk not only to the smoker but to the second hand person or those who smells cigarette. I might tell the mabout this one instead.

There are people who already switched from traditional smoking to e-cigarette. But I will not try to encourage my family to switch, iI’d rather beg more to stop them smoking.

till then,