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Miss My Elementary Days

I miss my elementary days, my moments during those days. I miss my friends, bestfriends and classmates. I miss playing under the heat of the sun after luch, got perspired due to playing around, playing luksong tinik, luksong baka, chinese garter, patintero and hide and seek. And to tell and share you, I was a girs scout – “we are the girl scout the country girl scout, members of the world wide lalalala”, and I remember having days of camping and built creative awnings. It was fun remembering them! I had fun, especially participating in the games and meeting other students from different schools.

How I wish I could again have campings with friends and reconnect with them! Almost all of my friends and classmated get married, few are still single, I am one of them though! But I am not regreting that I remain as one. They are and were wondering why I am not settling down yet, doh! Just kidding…. (I just get annoyed with the lass at my back, it’s hard to describe her, her tone just annoyed me, if only I can say stop to her!). And some of them who are married have kids, grown up kids and I am their godmother, and still counting.

If I were to ask, I would love to set a reunion for my elementary classmates and batchmates. Have a chance to get to know and reconnect with them after eighteen years.

I wish i wish (wish granted? 🙂 )

Till then,