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Breaking Up the Ice

It is hard for some working graveyard shift, I am an exception to this. But seeing everyone working at night, it feels hard for them though. They try to make themselves awake and continue working on the reports they need to finish.

One thing i’ve noticed too is difficulty staying eyes opened at dawn, between 3am to 5am. I see people yawning and stretching, some tries to steal a nap on the table, others just walking and also taking a break and searching for funny yahoo answers to share with the team, thus loud laughs and chuckles will awaken the sleeping minds and break the ice! It is a good strategy to try right, sharing jokes within the team and laugh at each jokes. Hmmm, effective though!

Like me and the rest of our team, we normally do work during night especially during the first week of the month for month-end activity. I have no problem with it, in fact, i still enjoy staying awake all night till morning of the next day. My mind remains active and alert to do all things I need to finish for the entire night. I can say I am both a day and night person, no problem with me 🙂

till then,