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Real Online Degrees

One more week to go and voila, I will be enrolling at PLM and take MBA. I can’t wait to attend a class again, listen to the discussion do the assignments and some thesis.

I miss being a student again, meeting new people and befriends them. I am not the sole person who wish to attend the school again and feel its ambiance. I know everyone of you would like to do it again and again. But why do i want to study again, I remember when I was a student, there were times that I was complaining, “assignments na naman”, “exams na naman”, recitation na naman” and “quiz na naman”, also lots of projects and term papers to complete, those were the days, the words I utter complaining, then why I want to do them again?

Like Sharon Cuneta who keeps on reading and studying and learning many things, I would say, I want to be like her too. I believe studying again would help me achieving the rest of my dreams, fulfilling up to the very end of my list. God is great that He always hear my prayers, letting me achieve my dreams and help my family.

Goodluck to me, I am back to be a student at 28 🙂