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The New Me

It took me longer time to finally decide to join in Glutamax blog contest. Amazing prizes such as Macbook, trip to Hongkong, Nokia 5000, Apple iPod and GlutaMAX products were not enough to encourage me at first to participate here. When I first read this contest even before the deadline is extended, I told myself, this is not for me, it’s only for those beautiful and flawless lasses bloggers, and I am an exception. And then my mind has changed, not only due to the amazing and fabulous prizes but also to share what have changed in me.

Fortunate of me that I did not experience being scorned when I was a kid, I gained everyone’s admiration and highly respected because I excelled in my class and maintained being a top 1. And so alongside this, I had a great confidence to face people even though I was not really a loquacious kid then. I talked less, smiles were the replies I gave to them. I always had been chosen by my teachers to compete in district public speaking contests such as talumpati during Linggo Ng Wika “Mataas ang tunog na likha ng batingaw, tunog na gumigising sa damdaming makabayan, tunog na nagbabadyang naghahanap ang bansa ng isang tunay na Pilipino, Pilipinong magtatanggol sa ating bayan, Pilipinong mag-aalay ng kanyang buhay”, and debate during the Drug Awareness Month, “Silence, said the judge, as he hit the table with the gavel, the stenographer rise and said, People of the Philippines versus Merilyn Postigo, Merilyn Postigo, after studying case of multiple murder and homicide it was found out that all these evidence proved that you have been guilty of multiple murder and robbery, you are sentenced to die in the electric chair, Your Honor, I have but only one request, I wish that my parents be brought here” ooopps, before I finish the whole piece, let me now stop. I believe choosing me to be the representative of our school in various competitions as I mentioned, public speaking contest which helped me hone more my talent, dance – be it folk or modern beat and quiz bee, all these not only honed my skills but it helped me gain my confidence.

But all those started to abate when I was in my latter years in high school, I was not in top 5 anymore when I was in my third year until graduation. I still exerted my best effort to be one of the top students but I did not know the exact reason why I failed. The confidence I had started to diminish, aside from not being a top student but also because I was starting to be conscious of the way how I looked, that I was not as beautiful as my friends, and most of all, I felt that I really was not winsome because nobody dared to court me. I am not trying to gain sympathy because I know it’s not right but it was really hard to accept that up until now I am still single and never had a boyfriend since birth, also caused my low self – esteem.

I surpassed high school and college years full of thrive and sacrifices but still was a low self-esteem individual. When I graduated college, I told myself I should change my mindset about me, about myself, about how I look. I should not be bashful right, I will be entering a corporate world soon and be an office girl, so I should be smart and confident. I thought it was facile to divert my mindset then, unfortunately, my experience of not finding a job right after graduation and even took almost a year, but I failed, made, me even a selfless and less-confident, plus the fact that I became pimplous at that time because in the span of nine months that I had not find a job, I was a tindera of ihaw-ihaw (bituka ng manok, betamax etc). Who would you think will not have a low self-esteem with those I’ve mentioned (oh, not with selling ihaw-iha, i am proud of that!)? I seldom talked with direct eye contact, I experienced walking my head down. (Hope the pictures that follows show my pimples – too old 🙂 )

old me

BEFORE – unconfident 🙁 and pimply

But as days waned, I realized being selfless and unconfident will bring no luck to me, I should continue changing my mindset and not stop achieving what I want. So right after 2002 ended and 2003 begun, I started earning back my confidence, especially when I was hired as an Administration Staff in one of the Japanese companies in Laguna on January 13, 2003. I started building up what had been lost since then, though I remained pimply lass. Being able to pass in several interviews and be chosen and hired among other applicants helped a lot in obtaining back my self-esteem, and I told myself “this is The New Me”, not scared anymore, adamant and stood still, not daunted anymore to face myself and others.

So changing mindset likewise helped a lot, being single and having no suitor nor admirer is not a hindrance to be confident (I have two boys with me to be happy with J, I have my family to be inspired too! ), failures helped me become valiant in taking every challenge I encounter. And also I realized that beauty really comes from within, what I feel inside reflects outside, brings out the beautiful aura in me, so I now face and talk people wearing a smile protruding my left dimple, enough to feel very charming!! Wow, thanks I realized that! Not only I am confident with myself but also proud with what I have achieved gaining back my confidence!

My Family

AFTER – the happy 🙂 and confident me!

This really is The New Me, I started meeting other people that I do not know, I am not afraid to meet them, in fact meeting them was really fun and awesome, they welcomed me in their family, they are the bloggers, famous bloggers!

blog4reviews christmas party 2009

AFTER – the happy 🙂 and confident me


And so this is The another New Me, being able to work in one of the country’s top BPO companies, the Affiliated Computer Services, they helped The New Me visit one of the world’s dreamed country the United States.

Residence Inn Utah

AFTER – the happy 🙂 and confident ME!

Too many photos right? That’s proved how fully transformed I am.

And to continue being The New Me, I really am using GlutaMAX products such as the GlutaMAX Lightening Cream and GlutaMAX Lightening Soap. That’s true, I am pretty sure that confidence will be over my head with these new GlutaMAX products, I never thought twice when I saw these in the supermarket. I am sure that these will help lighten my complexion and be pimple free, so worry free, stress free this is really The New Me, proud to be ME!

Glutamax Face Cream

The New Me

glutamax soap

“GlutaMAX, See the Results”

Till then,