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There’s a lot of printers coming out of the market today. This is because printers are being utilized everywhere, really in demand, especially in a corporate world.

There are various units and brands to select from, and to help you out from choosing one, I would suggest you to have EPSON tm-t88iv. This is a POS thermal printer and the latest innovation from Epson. It is designed specifically for high-volume retail and hospitality environments. We want a printer that prints fast, I want that, I feel so irritated when waiting for papers to come out of the printer, I experienced it, and finally with the coming of Epson tm-t88iv, we don’t have to wait for print outs, it’s 25% faster, two-color capability and user-friendly for both wired and wireless interfaces.


For those of you who are always on the rush and rather to consume wee time printing documents or reports, tm-t88iv is the perfect printer for you 🙂

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