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Another Fruitful Day

What you feel inside reflects outside… wow… that’s how I felt yesterday. I was full of happiness as if I have achieved nirvana and the euphoria I felt was really unexplainable. Why? Because my happiness really had no exact reason, basta I was happy.. I really felt I was walking in clouds, smiles were always peeping, saw them in me.

I worked from 9:30 pm until 9:00 am, but I did not feel any weary feeling, did not feel exhausted, I was full of zest to stay awake that morning. After my pc got all white and you see nothing saying I should go, and even Ms. Ysa told me my pc was saying me to go, and finally I left ACS office and went away. I decided to buy my breakfast in 7 11, and there was a funny and blooper thing happened to me. This is what happened, parang mas masaya if i say it in Tagalog, hmmmm so ganito, I was wearing a styletos (wahaaha tama ba spelling), with matulis na heels, and the doormat just before you enter the 7 11 ay maraming butas, talagang di mo maiiwasang tumapak because it’s doormat, the purpose of it is tapakan, rubber doormat, waaahahahaha, and when i stepped my left foot sa doormat hindi ko na maiangat ang paa ko because lumusot yung takong sa butas, then i stepped my right foot to force my left para matanggal pagkakalubog, har har har, to no avail, pareho silang lumusot, I really was holding the door bars tight para maiangat ko mga paa ko pero to no avail, sobrang lumusot yung mga takong, what I did, tinanggal ko ang paa ko wearing shoes and tinanggal ko na lang with my kamay until loob, so i was barefooted entering the convinience store. The traffic men who were having their breakfast inside were watching me ha ha ha… And I just thrown them my smile, I was not ashamed natawa pa talaga ako sa blooper ko yesterday.

I had to enrol na that day, before I left, I curled my hair muna, di muna ako naligo eh. After breakfast I left for my PLM enrolment. I was there at 10 am. Fortunate was me that I found my classmate, (jeje classmate agad) who was a graduate of PLM, so i will never have to ask where is the registrat, where is SIS, where is the library. I had it processed well! Thanks Catherine Tolentino for guiding me and for knowing you (not only a classmate, a potential friend too). Eto pa pala, because I had my hair curled, I had no idea that the ID will be processed the same day of enrolment, jejeje, and so I had my picture taken with my curly hair, kumusta naman yun? I wonder how I look? Because we arrived there at 10am, and the process will really take you long, inabot na kami ng lunc break, we were not able to finish it before they had. So we waited pa to resume their office, it was when we were at the registrar, and then finally after an hour, they handed our three classcards! Nice, after eight years, I will be going back to school! Exams, recitation reports and the dreadful thesis are waiting, I missed being a student again. And what startled us was our schedule, we will be attending the calss every Saturday, the time – eto kumusta naman, as per our schedule, from 8:00 am until 6:30pm, no breaks in between…. (di kami kakain 🙁 )

And goodluck to me being a student again. Another challenging part of my life 😛 My class will start on the 13th of February.

Another fruitful day! I reached my boarding house at 2:00, wow and i need to have my sleep, pasok pa ako at night 9pm. I did it!!!

Till then,