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It’s Just Like a Directory

What is web directory? Is it like a telephone directory where you can find the list of names and the telephone numbers correspondingly, where also contains the business name and also their contact numbers? Exactly! I think it is somehow similar to that. Directory means a listing, an index and information bank and Web means network, an internet world, so combining these two words as web directory means a list of any names, business, words, or any information and most of all websites that are available, listed or indexed in the web or net. It is a list of various websites which have been compiled by website reviewers.

An internet enthusiast or an IT people find it easy to understand what I am trying to convey. For those who are trying to search something in the net example the business-owner, he might wanna look for a business web directory and will help him find what he wants to know. One idea I have in mind why a businessman would do that is to increase his marketing and gain more customers or clients. He might also want to know how he stands and how he is in the business, is he lucrative enough compare to others? Is the business he is venturing already known in the web? (Oh no, and that’s not one idea lols)

One of the helpful tools for a website to be searchable in the web is by means of an SEO friendly web directory or Search Engine Optimization. Now, what is an SEO? It means the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a website from search engines via natural or unpaid (organic or algorithmic) search results ( you might surmise I know too well about that, lols, nope, the meaning is just lifted from Wikipedia). I don’t have the exact idea how this works but as I continue learning and developing my blogging career, I hope I could have another post explaining this one (that one I need to know)

We all know that yahoo directory is one of the most common web directories, that one was the first internet directory I knew when I was just learning how to surf the net. Back then, I was able to get the information I want to know through that directory. Another most common especially with business is the, literally, it does contain business names indexed in the web.

I have my own domain blog, and I want it listed in the web directory. Or maybe it’s already there


Till then,