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The Long Wait Is OVeR

Hmmm, THE LONG WAIT IS OVER???? It isn’t over yet! 🙁

Last week we received am email stipulating that there will be a good news to be announced on February 1st, so countdown begun. Came February 1st, we were all excited to hear the good news, we were asking each and everyone especially the sender of the email, hey what’s up, where’s the good news, what’s the good news? Today is already 4th of February 🙂 and I am hearing hints, tips that caused me puzzled what really is the good news (hope it’s about $$$$$ lols). To pay for what…… secret@….

That’s all for now, have to take my day sleep after thirteen hours night work, and oooppss not yet, I would need to take my important errand today, hope I would not have dysmenorrhea 🙁

Till then,