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Another Weekend at Home 2010

It’s weekend again, and as always, I spent it here at home with my inspiration, my family. I used to go home weekly and take a best respite at home. The usual homebody lass, sleeping, watching TV, playing with our youngest brother, wee chatting with inay, tatay and sometimes with my two brothers if they also are going home from work, and not forgetting blogging from home. Yes, I also do blog here in Cabatang Tiaong, Quezon, it’s accessible here although it’s 100kilometers away from Manila. I can do my assignments, update facebook, plurk and tweeter. And during Sundays, I go to the church with inay and have mainit na lugaw afterwards. That’s how I spend my weekend at home in the province.

This is how I blog during weekend, I usually do it outside our home for a more comfortable feeling as it really feels windy and fresh outside as trees are shading me.


Unfortunately, I may not always go home weekly now, I have to make it bi-weekly because of my classes every Saturday at PLM. Excited to be a student again, yey!


And I forgot to post the pictures where we witnessed how huge and thick the smoke created by a fire last December 2009 at Pasay City, here are those. It’s not part of my weekend though, I just want to share the photos I’ve got.

And relative to my post, The Best Place Called Home wherein I featured and posted our old home, I want a wee update what we have replaced now.  I showed that article to one of my officemates that old home of ours, I showed them how sacrificed we were and our home was, then she asked me, asan na daw yung bago? I have never posted any pictures of our new home here yet, so here is the inside view, I am still working on finishing the whole home and hopefully before 2010 ends, I may be able to fully finished it.

before..almost wrecked..

Present yet unfinished

and our future home 🙂 walang kokontra, dream high and achieve it!

And that’s my weekend with family. I am not fond of going out with friends during weekends, I am not into going out of the country yet, but I would love to, perhaps someday when I have enough stipend and budget. For a breadwinner like me, I need to set aside things that I know can wait and can be materialized in future at the right time.

So that’s my fruitful and busy weekend.

Till then,