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Lopez Museum Celebrates 50th Anniversary

I admire the influence of Lopez clan in advertising and broadcasting business. The longest time ever evolved, it is still continually influencing and looks up to. I am a fan of Lopez, I always lend my ear every time I hear that BIG name mentioned in the television. I always an ABS CBN fan too, one of the Lopez’s broadcasting companies. My wish up to now is to visit one of their variety shows especially ASAP XV!

And wait, not only that is to await, there is a big event that all of us should be aware of, it’s the Lopez Museum. Lopez  Museum celebrates 50th anniversary on February 18.  It’s one of the things I missed when I was studying, we had no educational trips during my elementary and school days and therefore no chance of personally seeing a museum. And now perhaps is the right time, it’s never too late right?

What’s more exciting as the Lopez Museum celebrates its 50th anniversary is the unfolding book launch and opening of Threads exhibit The Museum as Site for the Weaving of Tales and the “Unfolding Half a Century: The Lopez Memorial Museum”.

There will be various artists to be featured by Threads namely Jean Marie Syjuco, Ann Wizer, Myra Beltran, Jef Carnay, Ann Pamintuan, Leo Abaya and Kiri Dalena (big names!) They will do either to craft a work taking off from their personal conception of the museum or to “coplay” characters found in iconic works from the museum collection. After it, their performances and installation pieces will be exhibited at the Rockwell Power Plant Mall North Court beginning February 19th until 25th.

Alongside this, the Lopez Museum’s 50th anniversary exhibition will be opened to the public at the museum premises in Ortigas Center, Pasig. More to await from Lopez’Museum! It will also feature key works from the museum collection and works by Gaston damage, Antipas Delotavo, Imelda Cajipe-Endaya and Keith Sicat.

Being a long time running name and industry, the Lopez’ collection has become a trusted and well-loved Philippine institution, and for everyone’s information the Lopez museum and Library collection ranks as one of the finest in Asia. 

Not only that Lopez Museum has been committed to move forward by broadening its engagements outside its physical structure but also it aims to pursue an interdisciplinary approach to its exhibitions and programs. It now launched the museum’s website and Lopez Museum and Library Facebook page, we must be well informed and be proud of one of our countries commemoratives.

The Epitome, please be guided by the following events’ schedule;

      February 18th: “Unfolding” launch and opening of Threads exhibit at the Rockwell Tent

      February 19th to 25th: The Museum as Site for the Weaving of Tales at the Rockwell Power Plant Mall

      February 12 to September 18: After the Fact at the Lopez Memorial Museum

Please be guided accordingly.

We want to mark the history. We want to give importance to what our countrymen had done for our country like other heroes we have. The name and fame gives by Lopez worth the globe’s recognition, the Filipinos recognition.

Till then,