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The Big 5 of PBB Double Up

And so the big five remain, Melai, Jason, Paul Jake, Johan and Tibo. Mariel was evicted and had only 3% votes from the vieweres. One more week to go and the big night is to witness, who’s your big winner? I will stick to my bet – Melai, she’s very humurous, honest, she stays what she is, has a good heart nice and she made me laugh evertime i watch PBB Double Up. Next is Jason although I am oblivious about what he really feels towards Melai whether he’s true or not, or he’s just using her, i do not know, bi still like him, he also made me laugh and kinikilig everytime they have kulitan. The rest bottom three would be Johan, Paul Jake and Tibo, that’s my numbers, what’s yours? It’s nearly over so vote for your bets to win. (I am not voting, I am just watching 🙂

till then,