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,What’s Your Body Flavors?

Last year during the Blog4reviews Christmas party held on December 13 at Frazer Place Le Bistro, Makati City, one of the sponsors was the Body Flavors Enterprises whose product is named Body Flavors. Do you have an idea what Body Flavor means? Nope it’s not about the food we intake, it is the flavor for our body to make us look younger as it rejuvenates our skin. During that event we received a package from them containing three organic body bar soaps such as those flavored with Pure VCO and Gugo Bark, Seaweed and Molasses with Tea tree and Guava and Orange. Oh there’s another big one given away as raffle prize it weighed four kilos and measured the size of a notebook approximately 2-3 inches thick, which was won by Yapatoots.

The pouch of Body Flavors containing 3 organic body bar soaps


From the abovementioned organic body bar soaps what we first used is the one flavored with Pure VCO and Gugo Bark, tested and proven as an anti-aging product and rejuvenating soap because I left it at home to be used by my family. My father used to have a rough and itchy skin, he complained about it and asked if I have something that he can use to minimize what he felt as it really irritated him, that’s why I left one with vco and gugo bark. He uses it until now, and was amazed by the result, not only that he felt his skin is being stretched out but also the roughness he used to have before was gone. I saw him a smoother and lighter skin, he looks younger at 52.Proves really that Body Flavors VCO with Gugo Bark is an anti aging and safe for everyday use.

BODY FLAVORS Organic Body Bars (Small & Big) VCO with Gugo Bark

There are other three flavors of organic soaps namely Orange Papaya with Squalene, Seaweed Molasses with Tea tree and Guava Orange. And because I am a living witness of how effective the Body Flavor bar soaps are, I would like to share with you what are the benefits of the mentioned flavors.

      Orange Papaya with Squalene expoliates and whitens the body weighs 210g and costs Php150.As we all know papaya helps us to make our skin lighter as it whitens it, it helps protect our skin from free radical damage that cause signs of aging. Combining orange papaya with squalene oil will naturally exfoliates the upper layer of our skin making it smoother, new and whiter.

      Seaweed and Molasses with Tea tree organic bar soap’s function is to smoothen and firm our skin, it’s lighter as it weighs 100g and costs only Php100. Seaweed and molasses helps gently exfoliate dead skin cells while the tea tree oil is known to be a strong anti-fungal, anti viral and anti-bacterial agent. Combining these makes the skin more nourished, enriched and moisturized at the same time tones and tightens it. This variant is ideal for cleansing and deodorizing the body.

      And lastly the Guava and Orange – (hmmmm and this is the first time I’ve known that guava and orange can be made into soap), it is a detoxifying and cleansing organic body bar that weighs and costs just the same with Seaweeds and Molasses with Tea tree oil. It’s amazing to discover that guava is a rich source of natural astringents (good for my pimples) and orange as antioxidants, these will help keep the skin glowing and free from aging and wrinkles. As I said, it’s good for me because it does not only detoxify the skin but also treats skin problem like my pimples, it’s the best soap for skin problems.   

Oooppps, I haven’t mentioned about the Pure VCO and Gugo bark benefits aside from the ones above. By the way, it also weighs 100g and cost php100, not bad and a must have rather than go into facelift or some other facial treatments right that will cost you KKKK or thousands of money? This soap is a rich blend of 100% pure virgin coconut oil and gugo bark, as I’ve mentioned and is the best soap for sensitive skins. It also has a moisturizing effect making a younger looking skin.


Did I convince you that Body Flavors organic body soaps are really effective, go visit their store it’s available at;


                             HEALTH BUFF WELLNESS SHOP

                             Located at Unit 212 (2nd Level) Dona Anita Building

                             E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon City

                             (across St. Luke’s medical Center/Burger King)


And more overview of Body Flavors – it’s founder and CEO is Azenith C. Badana or Zeth. Being a beach lover and an advocate of a program helping preserve the Mother Earth, the Body Flavors have arrived and manufactured only products that are best for skin and yet very eco-friendly at the same time. All those soaps I have mentioned above are cold-processed and do not go through harsh soap making procedures making the ingredients preserved and remain natural.


The epitome; the Body Flavors are purely organic, 100% natural, safe for everyday use, results are achieved faster as it really effectively treats the skin, available in natural flavors, eco-friendly and recyclable – the ingredients to wrapper, bags, pouches and all marketing materials the brand requires are all recycled materials.


With the health skin benefits I’ve shared I am sure, you might want to visit their website and see what’s more are in there.


Enjoy your body, enjoy it’s flavors! It’s all from Body Flavors!


Till then,