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Get Freshest Flowers from Island Rose This Valentine Season

Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated special events in the Philippines. And I believe not only Filipinos celebrate this, more people around the globe celebrate the heart’s day with their loved ones.

I started to be aware of this red day when I was in my elementary days, every February 14, we were asked to make valentine’s card for all the persons we love, not only those of our opposite sex but also our parents and siblings. Going back then, we usually created cards for our crushes.

Today’s celebration is very different, I mean today’s generation. It gets deeper and unique meaning as we aged. It becomes sweeter and lovelier. People spent much to buy a special gift for their partners. Lots of unique presents are given away. As per the traditional ways, we were really visiting shops personally and choose the best presents we may give. Good thing we don’t need to walk our way to different shops and pick our choices, it’s already available online.

I want to specifically talk about the most giveable and receivable gift during Valentine’s day; the flowers. Yes, you may now choose flowers online, browse through the exclusive line of products and help you select the perfect gift for your girl. I am referring to Island Rose. You may select from varieties products of Island Rose, perfect gift for us girls. First thing that comes into your mind is flower, if you think you can buy this at the flower shop only then you are wrong, as I said it’s now available online.

You can send gifts to the Philippines with Island Rose, farm fresh flowers are example. Most of the boys consume time of choosing the best flowers for their girls and before they can finally decide, these might get withered. We don’t want to receive withered flowers we want them fresh. This is why boys should try Island Rose.

Buying gifts like flowers at Island Rose will definitely make you happier and fulfilled. Island Rose delivers flower to the Philippines, across the Philippine Islands. Not only that the flowers are fresh, they are also grown in state-of-the-art flower farm, thus ensuring that the buyer will be satisfied for what they pay for.

Allow me to mention other the garnish of flowers from Island Rose, combine bouquets with light brown messenger bear to make the present sweeter – it comes with a hand-embroidered messages of your choice, you may also want to choose pure Belgian chocolate as an added factor (pogi points!), a love pendant would be another pogi points too, sweet and thoughtful of him! And a pack of luxury bath crate will also be interesting. I would suggest that for the abovementioned garnish or added pogi points, roses should be the main course. Roses has been the infinite favorite symbol for love and beauty. And be fret-free as Island Rose will surely deliver those roses right through your loved doors freshly cut from their farm.

Now why buy from Island Rose, what is Island Rose? I would choose this because it’s the largest retailer and wholesaler of roses in the country. It specializes in growing popular Dutch and French variety flowers using the state-of-the-art greenhouse facilities in the cool climate of Tagaytay, Philippines. At Island Rose, you are sure to have ordered high quality roses straight from the farm for delivery anywhere in the Philippines. You are sure to be of advantage of giving away the freshest and widest selection of genuine Island Rose products at the fairest and reasonable prices.

By the way, those who are interested to buy gifts for Valentine’s Day, you can use the 10% discount code VDAY022010. This discount code is valid until February 20th.


One week to wait, Heart’s Day is here, couples will surely be celebrating it full of love. The whole world will be painted red, and mine will be blue.


Till then,