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I Can’t Get Over Boys Over Flower

I am a fan of Boys Over Flower – a Korean telenovela  translated in Tagalog. I love Jan-di and Gu Jun-Pyo, but admired  Ji-Ho. I missed the lst two weeks episodes, I missed the ending, I did not know what happen, so I bought a DVD of it, Tagalog yet it was the ABS-CBN airings, it captured some of the commercials, making it longer unlike the usual time span of the DVD copy.

One of the scenes that I liked most in that Korean telenovelas is the one when Jan-Di and Jun-Pyo were watching a scary movie in Go Jun-Pyo’s personal home theater seating. It was huge and have a very good sound. Since Jun-Pyo is a very rich man and is the heir of his family’s business, he has a lot of things to be amazed of inside his home, even in his room including his personal home theater.

I haven’t finished watching this yet, one day isn’t enough for me, I got tired easily,I felt drowsy watching it. I will continue next week.

Till then,