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I’ve discovered a website containing information regarding the promotion of your website. Honestly, I had a hard time indexing my blog site in the net. I had a hard time being known in the internet. I never dreamed of being a famous blogger, what I had in mind is just to share the interesting things I see every day and express my opinions and ideas about everything. But I was proud every time I see the numbers of my readers increasing, this especially happened last March 2008, it was not nice though, my post about the cancer struggle of Francis Magalona suddenly increased my viewers, from 1000 to 3000 in less than a week. That time I realized that I should create an article that is in the interest of the readers. It is not helpful to tell something all about yourself, the readers may not always want to know everything about you, the blogger.

As time went by, I realized that I should not be left out and just blog, blog, blog. I must do something to promote my own blog. No other person will do it for me, self-promotion will do. I am the advertiser of my own blog. The site I have discovered mentioned tips on self-promoting your blog and I found it very beneficial.

One of the several topics is having an excellent and unique content, one of these is the topic I’ve written in the beginning of this post, writing about the current events, the hot topics and you will do it uniquely and with your great interest. You must make it with the strategy apart from others, assume you are not the owner of the blog and that you are only the readers, try to re-read the post you create before publishing and see for yourself if it has a unique content and interesting ideas, if it will earn readership.

Update content is another tip, always update your blog or website. Readers find it dull and boring if they see that your blog’s date seems very old and un-updated. Ensure that everything is fresh, make sure posts there are interesting and that will make your readers to keep coming back, return and see what’s new in there.

Publicizing the URL. I just learned this lately, it’s a nice strategy to publicize your URL, publicize the new post you create. One of the bloggers named Hannah Rikka Villasis advised me to promote my blog in all the social networking sites. I tried it and I found it an effective way of promoting my own URL. Another way of doing this is putting the URL of your blog at the end of every email you are sending.

Connect with others is another helpful tip. Wow, this really proves to be an effective way of advertising your blog. It applies to me. When I transferred from another work here in Manila, it opens the great opportunities for me including connecting with the bloggers. When I was in the province, specifically in Laguna, I wasn’t aware that there are blogging events happening, all I knew then was everyone just blogs. Going out of my nutshell, exploring and meeting people that I do not know make my blogging more interesting. I learned different techniques from the bloggers I’ve met.

Link to others is the common ways others are doing. I seldom do this, and according to the site I discovered it is one of the best ways to advertise your blog. What you will do is you will put a link on someone else’s site or blog to your blog. This will make your site connected with others and be part of their network. According to them, try to leave a message to the site you linked and let them know that you just made a link to them.

Leaving comments is another one. I started doing this now. The reason why I wasn’t doing it then because I really do not have the idea that commenting will really advertise your own blog.

The other tips that may help are; submitting the site to web directories and using social media power. Self-explanatory.

I am yet to learn how to personalize the design of my blog. I want to make it nicer to the eyes of my readers and viewers, I want them to be amazed with the design I have, but how will I do it knowing that I am unfamiliar with web designing, css-ing and html? 🙁

Will you please help me.. Do I need to change the theme of my blog? Do I need to change the color of background from black making it white and pink so it will be more feminine? What you think?

Till then,