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Blog Design, Black or White?

When I was just starting my I Just Opne blog, I was undecided yet what theme shall I use. I seeked my friend’s advice and opinion about it. I had to select from three black templates, experimented on them and checked what’s best. And then I finally decided to use the girl theme.

As my blog gets older, and I started to read others’ blogs, I noticed that their themes are beautiful. I like the white and pink combination, I also like the white and blue. I was thinking if I need to change it now. If I will, I have no idea should I need to update also the fonts’ colors, the picture and all. I feel I need to start at the beginning if I will change my theme. I want also to personalize the header using my personal touch, do I need a special program to do this? I hope my folder sync will not be affected when I do that!

I was also thinking to study css stylesheet editing, I found a book exactly the one I need at National Bookstore before, but I did not buy it, and when I got back yesterday, the book wasn’t there anymore. Bad, how will I learn css editing? I don’t want to hire a web designer, that’s too much for a personal blog right? It will be more fulfilling if I learn how to design my blog all by myself right, so I need a deeper study and delve more on html and css.


Till then,