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A Site Stole My Picture

Thanks to that com, I saw that someone has stolen my pictures. Why haven’t I discovered this before? It’s too late, I did not know that this is a helpful tool to check who copy articles and pictures from my blog…. grrrrrr… I saw that this site copied my itik-itik picture taken from my post about Advantek Christmas Party posted last December 2008. Not only that, a Sayaw sa Bangko was also stolen (sniff sniff). A lot of pictures were there posted with mine, and I know that site stole all of them from other sites!! 🙁

afraid of the thieves…. hmpf!!!

I had this just yesterday, got from Let’s Go Sago blog. And may nakakuha na agad ng pag-aari ng iba. What more those other bloggers, i am sure, i am not the only victim of these stealers. Manu bang ask permission first from the owner of the photos before posting it? And h**l to them!! (it’s not too kagandahan to be mad of, pero the fact that I am the owner, sinong pong hindi maiinis!!

Till then,

  • mayel

    hi ate dhina, sorry to hear about what happened.. you know what I checked the website and clicked your photo–and it went straight to your site(Opinepage).. good karma to, hehe anybody who would try to look at your photos, macheck din nila website mo. 😉

  • whaaaaaaaatttt… ???? (wondering) thanks for the information… why didn’t i checked that out agad???? anyways, okay din naman pala eh…. tenkU tenkU!!! yngats!! 🙂

  • Thanks for the heads up ha. Alam ko may ako, pero yung counter lang to see who’s online. pwede rin pala ito. kaya ako lagi may watermark ang photos at hanggang 72px lang ang resolution.