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A Site Stole My Picture

Thanks to that com, I saw that someone has stolen my pictures. Why haven’t I discovered this before? It’s too late, I did not know that this is a helpful tool to check who copy articles and pictures from my blog…. grrrrrr… I saw that this site copied my itik-itik picture taken from my post about Advantek Christmas Party posted last December 2008. Not only that, a Sayaw sa Bangko was also stolen (sniff sniff). A lot of pictures were there posted with mine, and I know that site stole all of them from other sites!! 🙁

afraid of the thieves…. hmpf!!!

I had this just yesterday, got from Let’s Go Sago blog. And may nakakuha na agad ng pag-aari ng iba. What more those other bloggers, i am sure, i am not the only victim of these stealers. Manu bang ask permission first from the owner of the photos before posting it? And h**l to them!! (it’s not too kagandahan to be mad of, pero the fact that I am the owner, sinong pong hindi maiinis!!

Till then,