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Election Time, Politics and TV Commercials

Countless political TV ads and commercials, aired many times a day, had spent lots of money producing them and advertise on TV. We should not rely solely on popularity and enumerable commercials of the wannabes, let us try to scrutinize, examine deeply and smartly what those candidates can do for our country. We have been through many sacrifices, doing our best to rise from impoverished land, but seemed hard for us to fully recuperate and surpass the debt and economic crisis, what seems to be the problem, what was we lacked of? We all are doing our best, we are trying to exert all our best effort, dream of having a nice, comfortable and debtless life, we can get it, our country can have it, but there are many hurdles, something hindrance achieving it. Those taxes we are paying to the government, where they go? Imagine lots of us are working and paying taxes but we can’t see development. It is a fact that cannot be denied, we have selected, elected and accidentally (sad) chosen corrupts government officials.

I hope this May 2010 election; we will be all smart in selecting the right candidate. Never mind how many TV commercials or ads they have, bear in mind, some of them might pay or hand you money as if they are buying your votes, please let us be considerate enough, if you encounter them, you know they are not worthy to serve and lead the country.

I am not a politician and not dreaming to become one. But I am dreaming to be a model Filipino citizen by honestly serving the country and working with dignity.

Till then,